Margaret Thatcher heading into the abyss because There Is No Alternative

Ideograma - There Is No Alternative (TINA)

Portrait of a man looking at a photograph in which his own portrait appears looking at a photograph in which his own portrait appears.

The New York Times / Books review - What Does It Mean to Be a Witness?

A man hugging an hourglass shaped like a woman's body.

Los Angeles Time - The relationship with a younger woman had an expiration date

Landscape of the Albufera natural park. A large question mark generates a negative space in which a bird is represented.

Elvin Jones - The most influential jazz drumer of te post-bop era

Portrait of Silvio Berlusconi with a mouth and nose shaped like panties and a bra

Silvio Berlusconi

An executive runs with a shopping cart full of houses. People stop him.

The New York Times / Books review - The Rupture Tense

As in the myth of Sisyphus, a man pushes a large ball of non-essential objects on an upward slope.

Ideograma - Live with less.


I D E E S - Online gender-based violence

Transgender and racialized justice

I D E E S - Gender-based violence and public policies

British royal guard with coffin as a hat.

Queen Elizabeth State Funeral

Valencia local festivals and pyrotechnics

Generalitat Valenciana - Pyrotechnics

American flag made up of shotguns and gunshots

US mass shootings

A Polaroid-headed businessman holds out his hand while photographing a first impression.

First Impressions

Earth globe as a hot air balloon melts while carrying a barcode

Consumer society and global warming

A scientist carries a magazine from which the letters fall

The New York Times - ‘Predatory’ Science Journals

Trans woman screaming. Waves form the LGBTQ+ flag - Transgender women, journeys, intersections and gender-based violence

I D E E S - Transgender

Bipolar person

Ideograma - White or black

Trump with a finger-shaped pinocchio nose pointing at others

Revista La Leche - Lies, accusations and fakes

Young man with methamphetamine pipe, smoke surrounds him and catches him

Minnesota Alumni Magazine - The Drug in the Shadows

The Columbus statue in Barcelona, with the independence star, burning.

Barcelona is burning

Two men stretch on both ends of a rope. If the one on the right wins, he will fall off the cliff.

Mindful Magazine - How to Deal with Toxic Competition

A child silenced with a cross in his mouth

ELLE Magazine France - Hidden children of priests and nuns

An activist drags a giant fist holding a banner

ELLE Magazine France - Activism, the big tiredness

The USA flag made of bricks and barbed wire.

YES! Magazine - South to north migrant caravans


Think / At London Business School - Tips to land your ideal job

Version of Munch s Scream. A lightbulb head screams in horror at the price of light.

Price of electricity hits an all-time high in Spain.

The dictator with a suitcase that is a coffin

Cartelera Turia - Exhumation of Franco dictator

Woman harassed by a man while reading

ELLE Magazine France - Malaise at the university

People holding heavy bags of debt on which an executive rests

El Salto - Cities VS debt

A child casts the shadow of a Daesh gunman

ELLE Magazine France: Les enfants perdus de Daech

Bullring shaped like a paella and a bloody bull in the center

La Rambleta / València se ilustra - Bullring of Valencia

Belgrade skyline with a chimney from which smoke shaped like a dollar and a snake threatens the city.


Rajoy undico at the bottom of the sea. Oil spills come out of his hair.

Periódico Diagonal - The fall of Rajoy

Lenin portrait. The knob is the battleship Potemkin

Cartelera Turia - Lenin and the Russian Revolution centenary

Eduardo Benavent delivers to zaplana, with the body of a pig, in a tray.

The Ronettes - Be my baby

Salman Rushdie portrait.

L Express - Salman Rushdie attaqué

Typographic design with the letters May 68. May is a factory. 6 is a cop that hits 8, which represents a protester.

Big Issue - From feral to floof ball - The incredible evolution of cats

An executive runs with a shopping cart full of houses. People stop him.

El Salto - Raval Vs Blackstone

Office worker with inbox full of papers.

Commercial Observer - Legal issues.

Two politicians, man and woman, with changed shoes.

Ideograma - In someone else s shoes.

Two shelves with brains labeled in blue or red depending on ideology.

Ideograma - Brain and ideology

Eduardo Benavent delivers to zaplana, with the body of a pig, in a tray.

Cartelera Turia - Served on a silver platter

Hayao Miyazaki - Cómo piensan los niños y otros recuerdos de mi vida.

Editorial Confluencias - Hayao Miyazaki / Cómo piensan los niños

Blue door and barbed wire with shapes similar to Picasso's Guernica.

La puerta azul - “Foreign Internment Centres” in Valencia

Typographic design with the letters May 68. May is a factory. 6 is a cop that hits 8, which represents a protester.

Cartelera Turia - May 68

Typographic design with the letters May 68. May is a factory. 6 is a cop that hits 8, which represents a protester.

I D E E S - Educational sphere

A woman walks on a rope while the hand of God shakes it

The New York Times - A Gay Husband, a Dire Diagnosis and the Best-Laid Plans

A man opens his chest like a zipper and shows the heart

Little book of affirmations - I am open to contentment for myself and others

Cover of books

Editorial confluencias - Literary Cafe Collection:

A man and a woman argue. Barbed wire comes out of his mouth and tangles

Inc. Magazine - Political conflicts in the workplace

A person screaming, the triangle of the voice is a pencil tip


A man walks on the sand of a watch as his time runs out.

Little book of affirmations - Every thought I think is creating my future

A man drags a heart while looking at the phone

Love in the digital age

I wish that the new year takes away all the bad things in our lives

2021 - Happy new year

A ship made with the elements of the independence flag

Cartelera Turia - Process of independence of catalonia

Silhouette of an executive with a baby tied to a chain as if it were a dog.

La deuda sostenible


El Salto - Donald Trump and climate agreement

Woman with an oven on her belly. Inside the oven a fetus. The umbilical cord forms the dollar sign - Surrogacy

Portrait of a bullfighter with swords. The torso and arms are the head of a bull

Bullfighting in spain

Portrait of Giuseppe Grezzi with a bicycle on his face

Cartelera Turia - Giuseppe Grezzi


Cartelera Turia - The King and the cabaretera

visual game with a pencil and a nude woman's body

La Piz

Trump portrait with concrete face

Periódico Diagonal - Trump Wall

A man watches television, stretched out on the couch, eating popcorn, while the screen warns of the arrival of a new crisis.

Ideograma - Skepticism

A man looks at a tiny speech bubble.

Ideograma - Política 'short'

Silhouette of a soldier with the symbols of the European Union

European border surveillance system

Man and woman working on a stack of coins and books. The man earns more money while she accumulates more knowledge

ELLE Magazine France - Wages, women contra attack

Portrait of Fidel Castro with the silhouette of Latin America

Cartelera Turia - Fidel Castro

Portrait of Prince with awards

Prince Awards

 Bar Knopfler logotipe

Bar Knopfler

NY Skyline

New York Fashion Week

Young man with methamphetamine pipe, smoke surrounds him and catches him


One eye analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of a woman

Think at London Business School - First impressions


Ayatollah Khomeini



Donald Trump portrait made with barbed wire

Cartelera Turia - Donald Trump's immigration plan

Portrait of Franco made with skulls

Cartelera Turia - Francisco Franco

Black woman tied with a dollar in the shape of a chain - African women enslaved by microcredit

The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education - The 2018 Trends Report

Hillary Clinton Email controversy

Hillary Clinton email controversy

Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Christine Lagarde

Former Catalan President and the 3% kickbacks for public contracts scandal

Jordi Pujol - 3%

Paco Marhuenda

Cartelera Turia - Paco Marhuenda

Cristoval Montoro portrait

Patas Arriba - Cristoval Montoro

Barack Obama portrait

Cartelera Turia - Barack Obama on mass surveillance

 - Juan Roig portrait

Personal Work - Juan Roig

Elections TV Show

Elections TV Show

Europe closed

European borders

Green spotted dog

Green spotted dog

Carlos Fabra

Cartelera Turia - Carlos Fabra

Rita Barbera

Cartelera Turia - Rita Barberá